Philly Streets Have a History Too

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Philly Streets Have a History Too

presented by Lori Aument

When we think of a city, we typically picture it as a collection of buildings. Maybe we see a skyline or a line of rowhomes. But the city is also a network of public streets and open spaces: the places in between the buildings. So much of our lives in the city happens on the street. It’s where we meet. It’s where we move. It’s where our city works. And our streets have a history too. They reflect who we are, as a city. It’s a history of change, but it’s also a story about how some things stay the same. In this talk, we’ll discuss why the history of our streets matter. These spaces that we take for granted are products of choices that people have made over time. We’ll see how central issues on the street were throughout the formative stages of Philadelphia. Hopefully, you’ll never see the streets the same way again.


Lori Aument is a building conservator in private practice in Philadelphia. Her expertise is in the history of architecture and the practical methods needed to protect and repair historic sites. She has worked on sites of national significance, such as Independence Square, the Washington Monument in D.C., and Civil Rights landmarks in Alabama and Georgia. In 2019, Lori launched the Philadelphia history podcast, Found in Philadelphia, to engage listeners with stories from the past that still impact our lives today. The podcast was launched with a grant from the Athenaeum of Philadelphia and technical assistance from Drexel University’s Community Recording Studio. She is currently working on a series about the history of Philly’s streets.


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